About This Board Game

Black Mirror – Nosedive Game

Gather your most influential friends for a game based on the Black Mirror episode NOSEDIVE. Create a “perfect” life by collecting Lifestyle cards, while avoiding any dings to your Social Score that could cause everything you’ve worked for to come crashing down.

Your Social Score is based on how much the other players enjoy the experiences you give them using the free NOSEDIVE GAME APP. With over 1,000 unique Experiences available, risk your reputation to impress your important friends!

About the Show:

A mind-bending anthology series created and written by Charlie Brooker. The critically acclaimed series taps into the collective unease about our modern world. Each stand-alone episode is a sharp, suspenseful tale exploring themes of contemporary techno-paranoia. The episodes adjust our concept of reality and leave us with a lingering mistrust of technology, and how its advances are set to reshape our future.

Age Range



3 - 6

Playing Time

45 Minutes